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And now, you can listen to our brand new series, The Vigilantes.

This seven episode series follows a shocking 1913 trial in Atlanta that exposed deep divides across the nation. From sensational newspaper coverage, to mobs surrounding the courthouse, there are still repercussions lingering today.

Did he really do it? And did he get the fair trial he was entitled to? The Vigilantes uncovers the truth, in its search for justice.

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Recent episodes

In the Shadow of Liberty with Ana Raquel Minian

Sharon McMahon is joined by author Ana Raquel Minian to discuss her new book, In the Shadow of Liberty.

Awakening the Spirit of America with Paul Sparrow

If you are interested in the 1930s and 1940s, or have wondered how the rapid growth of authoritarianism in today’s political climate mirrors that of WWII, this is an episode for you.

Too Close to the Flame with Joe Ingle

When you think of prisoners on Death Row, what imagery comes to mind? Author of Too Close to the Flame, Joe Ingle, joins Sharon McMahon to talk about what it is like inside America's death penalty system.

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