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And now, you can listen to our brand new series, The Vigilantes.

This seven episode series follows a shocking 1913 trial in Atlanta that exposed deep divides across the nation. From sensational newspaper coverage, to mobs surrounding the courthouse, there are still repercussions lingering today.

Did he really do it? And did he get the fair trial he was entitled to? The Vigilantes uncovers the truth, in its search for justice.

New episodes released every Monday.

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Recent episodes

The Vigilantes: Episode 5

An appeal to the Supreme Court… Which finally agrees to take the case. Will the national attention make a difference?

The Vigilantes: Episode 4

Why was a black man in the Jim Crow south believed over a white man? Ironically… racism.

The Vigilantes: Episode 3

Murder notes, a media frenzy, and three men who would become suspects.

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