Undercover Inside Hate Groups with Matson and Tawni Browning

Undercover Inside Hate Groups with Matson and Tawni Browning

Ever wonder how a white supremacist becomes an extremist? Sharon has a conversation with Matson and Tawni Browning about their book, The Hate Next Door. Matt gets candid about his time working undercover in white supremacist groups and what it was like to balance his dueling realities: where the job ended and where his home life began. Matt and Tawni also talk about the type of person white supremacist hate groups target for recruitment and the types of messaging they rely on to spread their violent ideologies.

Special thanks to our guests, Matt and Tawni Browning, for joining us today. You can order a copy of The Hate Next Door here.

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  • Host: Sharon McMahon
  • Executive Producer: Heather Jackson
  • Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder



Matson Browning

Matson Browning and is an internationally recognized authority on the inner workings of white supremacy groups. As an undercover detective for more than two decades in Arizona, he thought he knew what hate looked like, that is, until he got a front row seat. For more than 25 years, Browning has been infiltrating, documenting, and disrupting White supremacy movements from the inside, gaining and intimate vantage point to the KKK, skinheads, border militias, Proud Boys, and other White power groups, as they organized and grew, their ranks including police force and military veterans. 

Together with his intrepid wife, Tawni, he adopted fake ids and ideologies, seeking the arrest of its hate groups participants -- none more so than JT Ready, a neo-Nazi who took "hunting trips" for border migrants while gaining mainstream acceptance as a political candidate -- and terrorizing Browning's family. What others dismissed as fringe groups, Browning quickly recognized as large and interconnected organizations permeating every facet of American society, effectively spreading their dangerous and repugnant rhetoric at unprecedented speeds. Now, with the violent polarization in our communities and an increase in hate crimes, the threat posed by these toxic organizations feels as acute as ever.

Tawni Browning

Tawni Browning considers herself first and foremost a mother of five. Beyond that, she was the Supervising and Casting Producer for A&E’s “Escaping Polygamy,” a series documenting the trials and struggles of individuals attempting to leave the cult life of polygamy. For years, Tawni has been assisting her husband in the investigations of numerous skinhead organizations. With her covert investigative tactics, Tawni was instrumental in the “shutting down” of one of the world's largest and most violent skinhead organizations. Tawni continues to gather intelligence on various individuals and religious extremists throughout the world. Visit their website.