The Vigilantes: Episode 5

The Vigilantes: Episode 5

Appeal after appeal, Leo Frank was running out of options. With a new lawyer joining his defense team – the same lawyer who earlier represented the man who testified against Leo – the tide began to turn. Witnesses were coming forward, a new explanation for the murder note comes to light, and the story is making national news. With only days remaining before the scheduled execution, would time be on his side?

Join us for part five of this seven-episode series, The Vigilantes.

Special Thank You to the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati and the Kenan Research Center in Atlanta for their generous assistance in finding and sharing letters sent to Leo and Lucille Frank, his family, and to the Governors of Georgia, as well as the state legislature.

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  • Host and Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon
  • Supervising Producer: Melanie Buck Parks
  • Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder
  • Writing: Amy Watkin, Sharon McMahon
  • Research: Kari Anton, Sharon McMahon, Amy Watkin, Mandy Reid, Melanie Buck Parks