The Vigilantes: Episode 3

The Vigilantes: Episode 3

It’s been 48 hours since Mary Phagan was last seen alive. It’s a media frenzy, and police are feeling the pressure to find the killer.

There’s a new, sudden interest in the murder notes. Did the killer write them to throw off investigators?

By the end of this episode, three men would become suspects. And despite dubious evidence and changing stories, one would soon be indicted for Mary’s murder. With a mob looking for vengeance, and sensational newspaper coverage, chances of a fair trial in Atlanta, Georgia were slim. The trial would begin July 28th, 1913, but this story is far from over. Join us for part three of this seven-episode series, The Vigilantes.

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  • Host and Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon
  • Supervising Producer: Melanie Buck Parks
  • Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder
  • Writing: Amy Watkin, Sharon McMahon
  • Research: Sharon McMahon, Melanie Buck Parks, Kari Anton, Mandy Reid, Amy Watkin