The Vigilantes: Episode 1

The Vigilantes: Episode 1

A shocking murder. A scene so brutal that the first people to find the victim couldn’t even tell what their skin color was. And a case that forever changed both the city, and the state’s legal system.

It was April 1913, in Atlanta, Georgia, and the city would never be the same. You may wonder why this imperative and dramatic case is not taught in history class, or how the world could have forgotten such a horrific crime that continues to have an impact more than 100 years later.

Join us for part one of this seven-episode series, and experience just how powerful of a motivator fear can be.

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  • Host and Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon
  • Supervising Producer: Melanie Buck Parks
  • Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder
  • Writing: Amy Watkin, Sharon McMahon
  • Research: Kari Anton, Sharon McMahon, Amy Watkin, Mandy Reid, Melanie Buck Parks