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Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew, Episode 12

Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew, Episode 12

It was supposed to be a picturesque and luxurious sightseeing tour over Antarctica. One filled with wonder and awe, in a tour that had cultivated a reputation for giving passengers the “trip of a lifetime.” But what began as an adventurous flight near Mt. Erebus, the southernmost active volcano in the world, became one of New Zealand’s most catastrophic accidents. What really happened? And who was ultimately responsible? Meanwhile, President Carter had just lost the election to Ronald Regan, who announced the release of the hostages in Iran the same day he was inaugurated. Was this timing a coincidence, or did President Carter get a bad deal? Join us for the final episode of the series, Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew.

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  • Host: Sharon McMahon
  • Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon
  • Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder
  • Writers and Researchers: Amy Watkin, Mandy Reid, Kari Anton
  • Production Coordinator: Andrea Champoux